Who We Are


Executive Director

Founder of AI, and inspiration for everything we do. We love you Rick, and can’t wait till you come home.

Melissa (a.k.a. Missy)

Rick’s sister. New grandmother. Can usually be found underneath an avalanche of mail.


Barb (a.k.a. Mom)
Researcher, Board Member, and Cheerleader since 2014

Leah (a.k.a. Dove)
Adopter, Volunteer, and Board Member since December 2015

Loves purple.




Volunteer & Board Member since November 2015

I was able to get involved with AI through the luck of Craigslist. My passion is working with populations that are so often forgotten. On the daily, I work as a case manager for ShelterCare assisting individuals suffering from mental illness. I enjoy what I do and love that I get to do AI on the side. Most of my job consists of inputting mail from inmates that comes in from all over the country. As I go through about 100 pieces of mail (or more) a week, I am often inspired by the stories I get to read and the pictures that grace my presence. I see real people, with real lives, who made bad decisions or got the short end of the stick. I see it as a privilege to do this job and help Melissa achieve her goals. Processing mail from prisoners is more than a task to me, it’s a way to help others achieve human connection that they so desperately need.

A small army of angels

AI is filled with gratitude for all of our adopters and volunteers, both local and remote, who provide support and community to the AI family. We simply could not do this work without them.

Lead box warmer

Boo in mail

And Boo
Mail flinger and assistant box-warmer