Treatment Advocacy Center Reports

Treatment Advocacy Center Reports

Evidence and Research 1.2023Measuring Experiences:

An Evaluation of AOT Participant Satisfaction

MyExperienceWithSMILISTEN TO US: 

The Unique Experience of Women with Severe Mental Illness

vaccination-severe-mental-illnessCOVID-19 Vaccination for People with Severe Mental Illness

An International Survey - September 2021

grading-the-statesGrading the States

An Analysis of Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Laws - September 2020
5-17-2019 Road Runners cover-1-1

Road Runners:

The Role and Impact of Law Enforcement in Transporting Individuals with Severe Mental Illness - May 2019
A Promising Start Cover BW

A Promising Start: 

Results from a California Survey Assessing the Use of Laura's Law - February 2019

Grading the States

An Analysis of Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Laws - September 2018

Beyond Beds:

The Vital Role of a Full Continuum of Psychiatric Care - October 2017

Treat or Repeat:

A State Survey of Serious Mental Illness, Major Crimes and Community Treatment - September 2017

A Crisis in Search of Data: 

The Revolving Door of Serious Mental Illness in Super Utilization - April 2017

Emptying the 'New Asylums': 

A Beds Capacity Model to Reduce Mental Illness Behind Bars - January 2017

Released, Relapsed, Rehospitalized: 

Length of Stay and Readmission Rates in State Hospitals, A Comparative State Survey - November 2016

Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses in County Jails:

A Survey of Jail Staff’s Perspectives - July 2016

Going, Going, Gone: 

Trends and Consequences of Eliminating State Psychiatric Beds - June 2016

Raising Cain:

The Role of Serious Mental Illness in Family Homicides June 2016

Overlooked in the Undercounted:

The Role of Mental Illness in Fatal Law Enforcement Encounters - December 2015

Clozapine for Treating Schizophrenia:

A Comparison of the States - November 2015

Considerations for Demonstrating the Cost Effectiveness of AOT Services February 2015

treatment-behind-bars-bwThe Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness in Prisons and Jails:

A State Survey - April 2014

state-of-states-bwMental Health Commitment Laws:

A Survey of the States - February 2014

diversion-state-map-bwPrevalence of Mental Health Diversion Practices:

A Survey of the States - August 2013