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“SCENES OF A CRIME” is NOW AVAILABLE for home viewing as a digital rental in HD or standard definition:

VIMEO On Demand: Click here for Vimeo rental. Instant, easy “on demand” viewing on TVs, BluRay players, game devices, tablets, phones and computers – including Android, iOS, Roku, XBox, GoogleTV, Boxee… Click here for all Vimeo-compatible devices/platforms

DISTRIFY: Click here for Distrify rental. You can instantly watch an HD stream on nearly any tablet, computer or laptop – including iPad and smart-phones – and many “net connected” TVs. For more about how to watch on various devices: Watching on Distrify

The DVD is available in a special edition for educators: EDUCATIONAL / LIBRARY DVD

NETFLIX: There are no current plans for Netflix to offer “SCENES OF A CRIME” through streaming, or on DVD – but you can request they acquire it by adding it to your queue.