Sending Money to An Inmate

The South Carolina Department of Corrections operates a cashless system for inmates.  This means that incarcerated individuals are not allowed to have U.S. currency.  Possession of money is a violation of Agency policy and disciplinary action is taken against any inmate found to have money.

NOTE: As of March 5, 2019, GTL is the exclusive money transfer provider for SCDC. Friends and family of offenders can use GTL's convenient payment services to send money to their loved ones. (Any funds already transferred to an inmate's trust account will not be affected.)

Credit, Debit, Green Dot cards, etc.
Inmates are prohibited from possessing credit cards, debit cards, Green Dot cards or numbers, or any other type of similar financial instrument. Inmates found in possession of such items will be charged administratively and could face significant sanctions. Family members/friends should refrain from providing inmates with these items.

Cooper Trust Fund Accounts
However, every inmate in the Department of Corrections has a Cooper Trust Fund Account that allows him/her to make purchases in the institution. The back of the inmate's identification card has a magnetic strip that allows the ID card to function as a debit card to that inmate's Cooper Trust Fund Account.  When the inmate desires to purchase items in the institution, his ID card is "swiped" and the purchase is allowed if there are sufficient funds in the inmate's account to pay for the desired items.

Five Ways to Send Money

There are several fast, easy and convenient ways to send money to an inmate in South Carolina. GTL offers deposits online, over the phone, and at retail locations.

To send money online with a credit or debit card, click here. It's the quickest and easiest way to get your loved ones the funds they need. When creating your account, choose South Carolina Dept. of Corrections as the facility.

Mobile App
Download our mobile app and send money wherever you happen to be! You can download the free app for Android devices here and for iPhone and iPad here.

Call Us
You can send money by phone using your credit or debit card. Call (888) 988-4768 and follow the prompts. For trust (canteen) deposits, our Site ID number is 121. To speak with a live agent 24/7, call customer service at (877) 650-4249.

Walk-In (cash or debit card)
Cash deposits to ConnectNetwork are now available at 26,000 retail locations nationwide including Walmart, ACE, Kmart, Kroger, and more. Find a location.
    To use this walk-in retail – pay in cash option:
  • Step 1: Start online at or with our free ConnectNetwork mobile app.
  • Step 2: Set up the cash payment by selecting “Walk-In Retail (Pay in Cash)”.
  • Step 3: Then, to complete your transaction, bring cash and the PaySlip to your local store.
Mail a Money Order
Family members and friends can make deposits into an inmate's Cooper Trust Fund account through GTL. Other than the cost to obtain a money order, there are no fees to deposit it, but money orders must be mailed and the deposit slip that must be sent with them must be read electronically and processed before the funds become available. When deposit slips are incomplete or not legible, the money order will be returned to the sender. Effective March 5, 2019, all money orders must be sent with a deposit slip to:
    GTL Financial Services
    10005 Technology Blvd West
    Suite 130
    Dallas TX 75220
Money orders sent to SCDC or an individual facility will be returned. All funds will be available to the offender within three business days of being received at the address above. All money orders must be made payable to GTL.

The money order deposit slip is available here. (en Español)

Amount Online Phone Money Order Walk-in
$0.01-$50.00 $4 $5 $0.00 $4.95
$50.01-$100.00 $6 $7 $0.00 $4.95
$100.01-$200.00 $8 $9 $0.00 $4.95
$200.01-$300.00 $10 $11 $0.00 $4.95

Printable flyer for inmates (en Español)