Telephone Calls

The State of South Carolina has selected Global Tel*Link Corporation as the Inmate Telephone System Services Provider for the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

GTL was selected over its competitors for its industry-leading inmate calling system and communications solutions to provide services to both inmates and families.

Calls to anywhere in the US will be billed at a single rate of 5.5 cents per minute. (effective February 1, 2019).

  • Inmates admitted to SCDC will be issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) within one week of their admission to enable them to place calls as allowed by the institutional schedule.
  • Inmates are not allowed to call toll free numbers.
  • In order to accept collect calls:
    • Your phone account must be current with your local telephone company (not past due).
    • Your local telephone company must have a  Billing and Collection agreement
      with the South Carolina Department of Corrections' inmate phone service provider.
    • You must have a non-cordless phone with touch tone service (no rotary dial).
  • Calls to cell phones must be made using a prepaid account. Inmate calls to cells phones must be prepaid by the family member (please see the FAQ and information links below). To sign up for an AdvancePay® prepaid phone account, visit
  • All calls from inmates will be subject to restrictions, recording, and monitoring.
  • Called parties will have the option to not accept a call, block all future calls from an inmate, or block all future calls from the SC Department of Corrections.

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