Visiting Hours

WARNING: No paper money is allowed in visiting rooms. Visitors may bring coins in clear plastic bags or debit or credit cards, if applicable, to make vending machine purchases.


Please read all visiting information before attempting to visit any Idaho Department of Correction institution.

Click on the links below to see the specific visiting hours schedule for each institution.

Southwest Idaho (South Boise Complex)

  • IMSI - Idaho Maximum Security Institution
  • ISCC - Idaho State Correctional Center
  • ISCI - Idaho State Correctional Institution
  • SICI - South Idaho Correctional Institution
  • TV-CRC - Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center
  • SBWCC - South Boise Women's Correctional Center
  • CAPP - Correctional Alternative Placement Program (Run by Management Training Corporation)
  • EB-CRC - East Boise Community Reentry Center
  • Nampa-CRC - Nampa Community Reentry Center

North Idaho

  • NICI - North Idaho Correctional Institution (Cottonwood, Idaho)
  • ICIO - Idaho Correctional Institution Orofino (Orofino, Idaho)

East Idaho

  • PWCC - Pocatello Women's Correctional Center (Pocatello, Idaho)
  • SAWC - St. Anthony Work Camp (St. Anthony, Idaho)
  • IF-CRC - Idaho Falls Community Reentry Center

South Central Idaho

  • TF-CRC - Twin Falls Community Reentry Center

Out of State (Contract Facilities)

  • SCC - Saguaro Correctional Center

WARNING:No paper money is allowed in visiting rooms. Visitors may bring coins in clear plastic bags or debit or credit cards, if applicable, to make vending machine purchases.


  • All potential visitors must complete a background check.
  • All potential visitors must complete a visiting application and submit it to the institution in which the resident is housed. Addresses for all IDOC facilities can be found on each facility's visiting hours/schedule page.
  • If the resident is new to the prison, visitors must wait until the resident has been classified before submitting the application so they will know which institution to send it to. Residents are NOT allowed visitors during the reception and diagnostic process. Visiting applications, visiting rules, and related forms are available for download on this page. In addition, residents can obtain and mail the forms to potential visitors.
  • Visiting room staff will notify residents when the application process and background check have been completed. The process normally takes two to four weeks. Residents are responsible to notify their prospective visitor of the decision.
  • Visiting hours/schedules can change because of weather and/or emergency situations. In addition, NICI has site-specific visiting rules due to its location and weather. Visitors may contact facility visiting staff at all facilities to confirm resident housing locations and corresponding visiting schedules or use our resident/client search tool.
  • Staff may search any item or any visitor entering the visiting area to enforce Idaho Code 18-2510. No outside food of any kind may be brought in to include gum and candy. The only exceptions are detailed in our Visiting Rules. No pictures of any kind are allowed, including those on keychain-sized electronic picture viewers. Also, no oils, religious oils, can openers, sunglasses or documents of any kind are allowed.

If you plan to visit a resident housed IN AN OUT-OF-STATE FACILITY, you will need to have a background check completed and submit a visiting application. DO NOT mail the visiting application directly to the facility. Doing so will only cause a delay in the approval process. Instead, visiting applications for out-of-state facilities must be mailed to the address below:

Cindy Lee, IDOC
ATTN: Out of State Facility Visiting Application
1299 N Orchard St, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83706