sending electronic messages to an inmate

New messaging system:

Viapath (GTL) will be migrating the inmate messaging system from the website to beginning January 3, 2023.

The new inmate messaging system has all of the features of the existing system, and also includes mobile apps for both IOS and Android devices. During the transition, both the current ConnectNetwork messaging platform and the new GettingOut messaging platform will continue to be available. Beginning January 3rd, customers may begin purchasing messaging credits and using the new GettingOut system, and will no longer be able to purchase credits on the ConnectNetwork system. Credits on the ConnectNetwork system may continue to be used to send messages through March 31, 2023. After that time, no new messages will be allowed on the ConnectNetwork system, but access to existing messages will still be available for customers and inmates. Current inmate messaging customers and the inmates will receive notification of the upcoming changes via email and facility messages on the tablets.

Instructions for setting up an account on the GettingOut platform are available here.


Electronic messaging service is available at SCDC institutions. To use the email service, you will need to visit www.ConnectNetwork.comand create an account. Once you have created and activated your account, you will be able to purchase email credits (stamps) to send emails. The ConnectNetwork website will then let you compose and send your message. Inmates are able to use a secure kiosk installed in their housing unit to type and send return messages.

Benefits include:
  • Faster delivery times than the Postal Service
  • Is less expensive than buying a stamp
  • Ease of use

Family and friends of inmates can setup an account at to send and receive electronic messages. Each message has a cost equivalent to $0.25, and there is an option to pre-pay for a reply from the inmate. All electronic messages may be reviewed by SCDC staff. Electronic messages containing inappropriate content are subject to being blocked and may not be delivered to the inmate.

To create and fund an ConnectNetwork account, you will need:
  • Valid email address
  • Visa® or MasterCard® branded credit, debit or prepaid debit card

For complete instructions on how to create and fund an ConnectNetwork account, visit: