Coming together in solidarity to bring an end to mass incarceration!

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Solidarity Statement Posted Dec 08, 2014 By NYSPJN

HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT*BLACK LIVES MATTER*I CAN’T BREATHE!!! With these and many other chants and slogans, people all over the world, the U.S., New York

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Power Day of Action on May 5th Posted May 10, 2014 By NYSPJN

May 5, 2014: NEW YORK AGAINST MASS INCARCERATION, DAY OF ACTION, ALBANY. Comradeship, exuberance, passion, and determination, together with love for those behind bars, for each

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May 5: NYS Against Prison Injustice Posted Mar 26, 2014 By NYSPJN

CALLING ALL NEW YORKERS concerned about mass incarceration, racial targeting, abusive prison conditions and the criminal INjustice system to come to Albany on May 5th

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