We can see clearly now...

Greetings from Go Bright — the next phase of PJI’s organizational transformation! Get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon, including new services to help you advance Local Antiracist Pretrial Justice.

10 Questions for Sparking Local Pretrial Change

Our latest publication — What If? — invites readers to imagine a pretrial system guided by equity and shared values, where people have many opportunities to remain safely in the community and few roads to incarceration. A system that prioritizes support over supervision — and demands liberty as the norm.


Why Pretrial Matters

Spending time in jail separates people from their loved ones and community, often destabilizing families for multiple generations. Learn more.

*Photo by Liberated Voices artist Yorel Warr.

Essential Reading

Check out the latest publications from PJI. Plus, a short list of recommended resources, websites and books we love. Get reading.

Meet the Team

Our small-but-mighty team is deeply committed to pretrial justice — and each other. Get to know our staff members and Board of Directors.

Artful Souls. Liberated Voices.

PJI recently partnered with 16 Ohio-based artists to create a virtual exhibition exploring racial justice and pretrial justice. We hope you’ll be moved by the artists’ collective expressions of urgency and hope — and find ways to support life-affirming alternatives to mass incarceration wherever you call home.