Prisoners United

What We Do

Prisoners United is an organization created and developed for prisoners in the Canadian federal correctional system. Our purpose is to explore new ways and methods in which both the experience and the outcome of incarceration, rehabilitation, and reintegration may be enhanced. We believe this objective is best achieved through a nationwide discussion of current conditions, practices, and policies within the correctional system. Our goal is to positively influence the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to: 
  • Improve the practices and policies for addressing prisoners' needs.
  • Improve the methodology for returning prisoners to society as law-abiding citizens.
  • Improve prisoners' access to their families, support networks, and the community.
  • Minimize the damaging effects of incarceration on prisoners, their families, and support networks.
We believe that by providing a platform where incarcerated citizens and their families are able to voice their grievances and share their stories, we get a better understanding and insight into what prisoners experience, what their needs are, and how best we can address these needs. 


Help us continue our work by donating through our GoFundMe page. Funding is always a priority when looking at the scope of the challenges we face when delivering our messages. Donations are not only welcome, but necessary to keep our organization going. Please note that your donations will only be used to pay for services and expenses necessary to keep the organization, website, and the services we offer operational. Donations will not be used to pay wages as all our staff are volunteers. 

To volunteer complete a volunteer application click here
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