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FDC has contracted with Securus Technologies to provide calling and account billing services to incarcerated individuals. Recipients of these calls may include friends, family members, and attorneys.

Notice of New Rates Effective November 23, 2016

Please be advised that the Florida Department of Corrections has negotiated new statewide incarcerated individual telephone system rates.

The following charges have been eliminated:

  • “to connect” charge on local calls of $0.50
  • “to connect” charge on prepaid calls of $1.02
  • “to connect” charge on collect calls of $1.20

With the elimination of these charges, new rate per minute charges have been established as defined below:

  • Local per minute call rate is $.04
  • Prepaid and collect per minute call rate is $0.14.

These changes are designed to provide cost savings to friends and family by focusing charges on minutes used rather than requiring an upfront fee to connect the call.

Transaction Fees

Consumers of incarcerated individual telephone services will not incur a transaction fee for prepaid account deposit

Telephone Restrictions
  1. Calls that are unwelcome/unwanted by family members or others, or which harass family members or others
  2. Threatening, obscene, or nuisance telephone calls
  3. Calls which are a violation of state law, federal law, or telephone company regulations
  4. Violating the Department’s rules or institutional regulations for telephone usage
  5. Usage of the telephone to conduct a business enterprise
  6. Damaging or destroying the telephone
  7. Three (3)-way telephone calls or calls that are forwarded by the called party or a third (3rd) party; (This includes telephone calls that are placed from numbers on the incarcerated individual’s approved telephone number list.)
  8. Using another incarcerated individual’s personal identification number or providing a PIN to another incarcerated individual
  9. Sharing calls or placing calls for another incarcerated individual and allowing her/him to converse with a party at a number not on her/his approved telephone number list; and
  10. Speaking in unidentifiable code.

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