Thank you.

Adopt An Inmate is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help.

Since 2014 we have received over 100,000 letters and applications from inmates needing a friend or mentor. We have over 15,000 incarcerated individuals entered into our system, from over 1,000 institutions all over the country. About half of those are on the active waiting list. Everything we do revolves around the mail, and more letters and requests arrive daily. Over 50 volunteers (both local and remote) help us process it all. Our work is a free service and we will never charge incarcerated individuals or their families for anything we do. We can only continue this work with donations. Your gift helps us recruit volunteers, maintain our database and website, purchase office supplies, postage, electronic stamps (for institutions that have emessaging), computer equipment, and organize volunteer events.

We are also developing programs that target rehabilitation and career building.

Your donations make this work sustainable and offers inmates around the united States hope for a better future. We simply could not do this work without you.