Share Your Story

Share your story: how has mass incarceration affected your life?

It’s impossible to stress enough how influential personal stories can be. Sometimes they make people think about things they haven’t previously thought about. Sometimes, they cause others to speak out about their own, similar experiences. They can elicit laughter, sorrow, tears, and joy.

Though there are 2.3 million or so people in prison, there are up to 80 million in the U.S. who’ve been released from prison or who have done a stint in a jail somewhere. Those are sad numbers, but there are real humans behind them, and other humans behind those people. People who supported them, shared their sorrows and shared their triumphs.

We want to be a voice for those people so they can connect with others who haven’t had those same experiences. And that’s how change happens. One mind and heart at a time.

You have a story, the person you’ve supported while incarcerated has a story. We want to share that story. Even if only to read it silently and raise a hand in solidarity from afar.

To contribute to our series #2daybehindbars, submit one or more stories, ideally 200 characters or less (threads if needed for longer stories), describing a routine experience for a prisoner and/or supporter. Example: rules and infractions, mail and book rejections, prisoners supporting each other, visitation, food, daily schedules, relationships with cellmates, officers, family, etc. Optional: include state and facility. All posts will be anonymous unless express permission is given.

We accept stories that are longer than 200 characters as well. Push the button below or click ‘Contact’ on the main menu and fire away.