Inmate Art Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting art or writing to Adopt an Inmate.

LFP (Letters from Prison)PoetryLFA (Letters from Angels)Book ReviewArtwork
Stories from the inside about what really happens in prisons and the courts; how easy it is for good people to end up in prison; wrongful convictions (misconduct, ineffective counsel, false testimony, etc.); what helps you get through your time (support from family and friends, school, meditation, spiritual pursuits, etc.); adjusting to prison life; stories of inmates supporting each other; stories about food, commissary, medical care, violence, transfers, guards, etc. This is your opportunity to tell the outside world the good, the bad and the ugly of prison.
Stories of those who are supporting or advocating for inmates. If you have an ‘outside angel’ who has supported you, a friend on the inside who has helped you stay positive, or if you ARE an angel supporting someone – we want to hear from you.

  1. Type or print legibly.
  2. Include your name and contact information at the top left of the first page.
  3. If you write under a pseudonym (or wish to remain anonymous), include it under your name.
  4. If your submission has a title, include it at the top of the page.
  5. Leave a 1-inch margin all the way around your text to allow annotation on printed copy.
  6. Don’t use staples. Package your submission up well so that it won’t get damaged and send it off.
  7. Let us know your editing preferences:
    • You don’t want it edited at all.
    • You welcome suggestions but wish to rewrite it yourself.
    • AI has permission to edit as needed for publication.
  8. Number your pages.
  9. Be sure to specify if you wish for your original to be returned (please include SASE).
Include title and author of book, and a maximum of two pages for your review.
  1. Provide the information for each work:
    • Name and Address
    • Title of Work
    • Date of completion
  2. Submit only original artwork or drawings
    • Please write “do not bend,” on large envelopes, or use foam boards or cardboard to protect.
    • Let us know if you need the original returned to you (please include a SASE for this purpose).

We publish a rotating “Welcome” banner on the landing page of our website, and also use these banners in our
quarterly newsletter for advocates, adopters, and family members of inmates. These works of art are all provided
by inmates. Welcome banners should fit inside a regular #10 envelope (9.5” by 4 1/8”). Here are some examples:

welcome mgarcia
welcome brick

We look forward to your submissions. As always, much peace to you,

Melissa Brown
She-EO, Adopt an Inmate

Melissa Brown #123456
PO Box 1543
Veneta, OR 97487
Pseudonym: Scout Finch
Anonymous: A Prisoner in Oregon
Submission Type: LFP
Title: A Day in Her Shoes
Begin writing your story, poem, or book review here.