Broken Wing

Broken Wing

Once upon a time, there existed a bird with a broken wing. Singing out loud for healing, so as to fly once again.

Time seemed to stand still, while this bird sat painfully alone. Its own neighbors, looked the other way, while this birds song had no end, to its tone.

Little comfort came, through the sun or the rain. Just fear of dying alone, and in shame. That’s when the bird noticed a shadow draw near.

As I was walking in the prison yard the other day, I came across a bird with a wing broken, and in pain. As I got closer, the bird didn’t try to run away. Its song was for love, and an end to the pain.

I sat down with this bird. Showed it love. This got the attention of neighbors. I noticed the other birds began to sing this injured birds song.

The other birds too wanted someone to love. For to love, and be loved was indeed rare for this flock of birds.

As I was preparing to depart, the bird sat up and thanked me, by singing to me a beautiful song. As the bird sang its heart out, I embraced it.

It then transformed itself into a tiny mirror. Its injury was healed.

I looked into the mirror, and saw the bird smiling back at me.

Jason in Washington