Share This Message & Comfort Each Other

Share This Message & Comfort Each Other

I was watching the news last night and saw the story of those 19 children and 2 teachers murdered….how does something like this happen? Why does it happen? I don’t even know what to say about a situation like this, what do I say about an act of torment like this? What do I say!!!!! It’s just a shame all those little babies going to school, and get murdered! what the HELL!!!! Then they’re talking about gun bans, but they talked about gun bans every other time some guy woke up on the wrong side of the universe and decided to bring hell to earth. What makes this time any different? It seems like politicians just say what they know people want to hear even if they know what they’re saying doesn’t really solve anything, because it’s politics, and playing politics is a game that affects real lives. As we can see, playing politics has cost us 21 more precious, innocent lives. This drastic event has really saddened me, it angers me, it runs my emotions wild.

The spiritual needs of the people are not being cultivated, their psychological needs are not being meet. take a second and actually evaluate the mental condition of the people in this country, and everything that we are going through.

in the past two years people’s whole lives have flipped on them, starting with covid-19. People being locked down in their homes, stripped from their social lives, some stripped from their jobs losing their economical independence, some losing the lives of family members, friends, neighbors. Correctional facilities for example became under staffed because the staff were quitting and dying. This lead to mandating the remaining officers in order to keep the facilities up and running, so they went from working 40 hours a week to 112 hours a week – that’s everyday for 16 hours ….on top of that, every time you look on the news they’re talking about inflation, they’re talking about recession, then every time you stop to get gas for your car, the price just confirms everything you’re hearing on t.v., the prices of food increase, the price for renting homes have more than doubled in some places, little babies are being hospitalized because of the lack of formula, we are fighting for the rights of the woman to govern her own body, police shooting and killing our children, our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones, people losing their family members to wrongful convictions….think about this…really think about this..this has become the everyday normal for us, Every American is going through this alone, on top of the day to day stresses of surviving, without any counsel, and without any psychological support. Statistics show that more Americans are suffering from depression and mental illness dis-eases now than ever before….ask yourself why????

Because to every action is a reaction. and everything that’s going on now is a product of the decisions being made at the top…. Americans need mental support, every American is suffering, we each may deal with it differently and some of us may not know how to deal with it at all, but we Americans need the support If not from our government then from each other during these times of discomfort … .it’s like sending a solider who just fought in a war back home to his family without any psychological evaluations, knowing that the war has impacted him mentally in ways he can’t understand, and he starts drinking and abusing drugs trying to cope with the discomfort. This is us America, we need to get the help we know we need. and stop trying to be strong on our own. stop overlooking what you’re going through and talk about it, or it will come out in ways that will lead to regret and even more discomfort.

People need more counsel, people need to talk more about how they’re feeling and what’s going on around the world and how its effecting us, WE have the right to speak freely, you shouldn’t have to be afraid of a consequence to speak out, the world is changing and the government doesn’t want us talking to each other about it.

Let’s talk about it, Tell everyone what you’re going through. We are at war against our own psychological position and the only way to fight back is to start talking about it, and coming together and being here for one another, listen to one another, comfort one another, we are living through some real drastic times let’s stand together and stand for Justice for all.

If you don’t have anyone to share your suffering with feel free to drop the load off on me I stand with you. for prayer request, a listening ear, and a brother in arms.

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We Are Better Than This

We Are Better Than This

We are no doubt in a time where evil has been on the rise, public discourse has turned hostile, demagoguery appears to be a winning recipe for political office, and the divides among demographics in our melting pot are as pronounced as I can remember in all of my thirty-nine years.

The recent tragic hate crimes and attacks on our nation’s politicians are, sadly, not new phenomena. What does feel different, however, is how accepted these acts are (often viewed as our “new norm”) by so many who have retreated to their tribal clans at the peril of our society at large. We have allowed our politics and innate compulsion to bind to our cultural groups, while excluding others, to cause our interpersonal/intercultural relations to either stagnate or regress. However, I’m reluctant to buy into the dismal notion that this is who we are, that perhaps we haven’t made as much progress as some of us thought. 

We are a young relatively nation compared to many countries throughout the world. We have come from a period at the inception of this country that legalized slavery to now having had our first Black president. We have progressed from a nation that denied women the right to vote, to electing women to many of the highest offices in the land. We have grown from a country that denied Blacks and Hispanics adequate housing, employment, and educational opportunities to one in which young people of color graduate from prestigious colleges and go on to occupy high-level positions in distinguished companies. I could provide countless more examples to substantiate the progress we’ve made, but this is not necessary — the historical evidence speaks for itself.

The fact of the matter is that what we are currently seeing is a mere reflection of today’s political and social climate. Did you get that? Today. While it is unquestionably problematic, it is a snapshot in time — the peak of the current inflammatory political climate — and not reflective of how amazing, loving, compassionate, and truly genuine the majority of Americans are. 

America’s true nature is especially on display when natural disasters strike and rip through our communities. What we inevitably see are Americans dropping everything to come to their neighbors’ aid. We see people rallying together, raising money, collecting clothing, and feeding those in need. This is who we are, and reflective of how far we’ve come. This is not to whitewash or downplay hate crimes that continue to pervade our communities, exacerbating already strained race relations. Having said that, it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge the steady stream of progress made over our country’s nearly 250 year history. We should not become prisoners of the moment by allowing what has happened in a matter of several months — or even several years — to represent what and who we are as a people, as a society. That is neither rational nor accurate. It would be no more accurate than to point to a temporary bad period in someone’s life (for whatever reason), as indicative of who they are. An objective judgement is based on how far someone has come in relation to where they started. Looking at America in this context, it is readily apparent how far we’ve come.

I sympathize with all those who are utterly disheartened by a rash of crimes committed in the name of hatred. I understand why many feel angry, depressed, and disgusted by a climate of tribalism. But we must remember that this is a moment in time in the grand scope of our societal evolution. Our focus ought to be on the overall progress made; and the historical evidence that shows we are better than this.