The A-Team


Melissa Bee


Rick’s sister. Mother, grandmother. This work, and my family’s experience leading up to it, has taught me that our afflictions are inseparable from our gifts, and that we all have value to offer the world. My heart bursts with gratitude for the people I’ve met through this work, including everyone on this page, and all of our adopters and volunteers (inside and out)

Who We Are - Rick Fisk

Rick Fisk

Executive Director

Founder of AI, and inspiration for everything we do. We love you Rick. Welcome Home.




Mom to Rick and Melissa. Cheerleader since 2014. Librarian.



Director of Mail & Volunteer Operations

Adopter, Volunteer, and Board Member since December 2015. Loves purple. Works amazingly hard behind the scenes contributing time, money and expertise.

Iris Yim


Chief Strategist

Iris is a seasoned researcher well versed in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Her experience
in research across different industries and cultural segments makes her a versatile researcher that approaches
research in a holistic and innovative way to solve clients’ business problems and uncover insights. A natural
extrovert, she brings her passion, forthrightness and creativity to every project.



Volunteer Coordinator

I believe that the secret to happiness is helping others. I wanted to volunteer for something worthy and challenging and AI is just that.

My hobbies are cooking/baking and sewing.

I love all animals, long walks in nature, and sharing a meal with family or friends.


Liz "Burn it" Jensen

Communications & Engagement Specialist

During the day, I am a high school counselor. At night, I am an email and data specialist for AI! I am a wife to my loving husband and mom to a baby girl. I love traveling, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I am passionate about justice, equality and creating a better world for my kids.

Martin Lockett

Martin Lockett

Substance Abuse Counsellor

Martin Lockett is a substance abuse counselor, author, public speaker, and advocate for reducing DUI fatalities. He spent 17.5 years in prison for a DUI fatality that claimed two lives and severely injured another. While incarcerated, Martin earned a BS in sociology, MS in psychology, and served as a mentor and role model to other inmates. He acquired state certification as a substance abuse counselor, published two books (Prison to Purpose Pipeline and My Prison Life), and began telling his story at DUI victim impact panels all within the prison setting. It was his passion for writing that connected him with Adopt an Inmate as a featured blogger and consultant.

Now released, Lockett continues his mission and message by helping those in need of counseling for mental health and substance use disorders and sharing his powerful story at DUI victim impact panels, conferences, highway alcohol safety classes, and schools across the country.

Theresa Fulton

Theresa Fulton


Theresa Fulton spent 15 years conducting research in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University before turning to international agricultural education. She spent several years teaching molecular genetics, plant breeding, genetics and related courses mainly to African scientists, including in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Mali. In 2006 she and her husband, Dr. Steve Tanksley, founded a company to work on the math and statistical aspects of plant breeding and crop improvement

She holds a B.S. in Microbiology and Genetics, a MS in Plant Breeding and Genetics, and a PhD in Science Education. Currently, Theresa is the coordinator of her county’s Mutual Aid Food Sharing Cabinets program and is a member of the county Human Rights Commission, as well as the Director of the Genetics Division of Nature Source Improved Plants, LLC. in Ithaca, NY. 



Lead Box Warmer

Finicky eater. Secretly loves the dog, but won’t tell the dog. Drools. A. Lot.

Boo in mail


Mail Flinger and Assistent Box Warmer

Trying to use up her nine lives as fast as possible by marking Rick’s guitar amp.


Everyone on our team started as a volunteer. Wanna Join us?