Rick Fisk

Father, Son, Brother, Musician, Software Developer, Founder, Executive Director, Wrongly Imprisoned, Paroled, Seeker of Redemption, Finder of Forgiveness. I found my faith in prison and my purpose. I want to help set the captives free, those on the inside and the outside.

When The State Kills

Both proponents and detractors of the death penalty skip the question of authority. Due to history and practice, it is assumed that governments must possess the power to murder. Yet, no explicit power to murder is listed in our state or federal constitutions, a prerequisite to its legitimate use. Nor could it be, no matter how hard potential despots might wish it so.

The Facade of Justice

The Facade of Justice

It was a beautiful, warm, spring day in 1973. A few puffy white clouds dotted the otherwise blue sky over Tucson as my Dad guided our car to Old Tucson, the site of many a Hollywood-produced western. It was here that I had learned about facades. The false-fronted...