Review of The Universe in the Rearview Mirror by David Goldberg

universe in the rear view mirror

Written by Michael Henderson

January 4, 2018

A review of The Universe in the Rearview Mirror.

For a jolt of reality, David Goldberg explains in the clearest and most understood terms why those among us that have imposed self importance and insignificance have gotten it all wrong.

If you’ve been afraid to try and understand life on both the grandest and the smallest of scales, this book shows you the truth; it’s all the same. Not only does it explain the complexities of structure, but it also shows the simplicity of chaos. Many questions that man has sought the answers to may never be answered, but many of the questions that have never been asked are now seen to be less and less important.

Though this book expresses no theological ideas at all, you can’t help but argue intelligent design. Not to push anyone’s religion, but the symmetry in everything, including the man made institutions, is astounding.

For those of us who are America’s incarcerated, by looking at the inter-connectedness that we should be experiencing, the Universe is beckoning us to realize that the way to this awakening is right before us in everything – every day. If only we could get this message across the board, then we could begin to change the world we live in.

That is what David Goldberg attempts to accomplish by injecting humor, wit and everyday language into one of the most intimidating subjects man has undertaken – physics.

After reading this fun and incredibly eye opening book, all I can say is, lighten up everybody; it ain’t rocket surgery.

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