Poetry From Prison: My Momma

Poetry submitted by C.F. Guyton, pictured here with his wife.


My Momma

My Momma, puts the “El” in “El Shabazz,”
The love in laughter and the joy in these lonely days of future’s past.
My Momma; the Hiroshima of Hell’s Kitchen.
Succulent entrees of deliciousness are served.
Incredible are her choice vegetables, and did I mention,
Exquisite is her cooking?

My Momma; sheer, pure goddess of glam,
Bountifully, beautiful, through nature’s span.
Water lilies, and yellow to golden daffodils perk.
Her grand stand.

My Momma; the Earth births, Fresh mountain air.
Cool breeze and crystal blue streams.
White sparkles everywhere.

My Momma; with her courage and devotion,
Holds the mighty strength of a thousand seas.
Smooth as cotton and a smile like silk.
Creative is her mind as well as sharp is her wit.

My Momma; a star to be remembered; A torch to keep lit.
A force to be reckoned with. The Soul that has ignited the heavens untold.

My Momma; because of you I’ve found it all the more,
Yet to simply be me.

Letters From Angels: A Mother’s Tears


First in our new series, Letters From Angels, which is a companion to our Letters From Prison series. This was written by a mother whose son was wrongfully convicted.


AJ, I picked myself a flower today,
and said they were from you.
Because if you were here with me,
I know its what you would do.
As you walk alone to your dorm,
I walk alone to my car.
I leave a piece of my heart there with you
and take a piece of yours.
I cry my silent tears that only God can see,
until the day that I can bring your whole heart home with me.