Share This Message & Comfort Each Other

Share This Message & Comfort Each Other

I was watching the news last night and saw the story of those 19 children and 2 teachers murdered….how does something like this happen? Why does it happen? I don’t even know what to say about a situation like this, what do I say about an act of torment like this? What do I say!!!!! It’s just a shame all those little babies going to school, and get murdered! what the HELL!!!! Then they’re talking about gun bans, but they talked about gun bans every other time some guy woke up on the wrong side of the universe and decided to bring hell to earth. What makes this time any different? It seems like politicians just say what they know people want to hear even if they know what they’re saying doesn’t really solve anything, because it’s politics, and playing politics is a game that affects real lives. As we can see, playing politics has cost us 21 more precious, innocent lives. This drastic event has really saddened me, it angers me, it runs my emotions wild.

The spiritual needs of the people are not being cultivated, their psychological needs are not being meet. take a second and actually evaluate the mental condition of the people in this country, and everything that we are going through.

in the past two years people’s whole lives have flipped on them, starting with covid-19. People being locked down in their homes, stripped from their social lives, some stripped from their jobs losing their economical independence, some losing the lives of family members, friends, neighbors. Correctional facilities for example became under staffed because the staff were quitting and dying. This lead to mandating the remaining officers in order to keep the facilities up and running, so they went from working 40 hours a week to 112 hours a week – that’s everyday for 16 hours ….on top of that, every time you look on the news they’re talking about inflation, they’re talking about recession, then every time you stop to get gas for your car, the price just confirms everything you’re hearing on t.v., the prices of food increase, the price for renting homes have more than doubled in some places, little babies are being hospitalized because of the lack of formula, we are fighting for the rights of the woman to govern her own body, police shooting and killing our children, our neighbors, our friends, our loved ones, people losing their family members to wrongful convictions….think about this…really think about this..this has become the everyday normal for us, Every American is going through this alone, on top of the day to day stresses of surviving, without any counsel, and without any psychological support. Statistics show that more Americans are suffering from depression and mental illness dis-eases now than ever before….ask yourself why????

Because to every action is a reaction. and everything that’s going on now is a product of the decisions being made at the top…. Americans need mental support, every American is suffering, we each may deal with it differently and some of us may not know how to deal with it at all, but we Americans need the support If not from our government then from each other during these times of discomfort … .it’s like sending a solider who just fought in a war back home to his family without any psychological evaluations, knowing that the war has impacted him mentally in ways he can’t understand, and he starts drinking and abusing drugs trying to cope with the discomfort. This is us America, we need to get the help we know we need. and stop trying to be strong on our own. stop overlooking what you’re going through and talk about it, or it will come out in ways that will lead to regret and even more discomfort.

People need more counsel, people need to talk more about how they’re feeling and what’s going on around the world and how its effecting us, WE have the right to speak freely, you shouldn’t have to be afraid of a consequence to speak out, the world is changing and the government doesn’t want us talking to each other about it.

Let’s talk about it, Tell everyone what you’re going through. We are at war against our own psychological position and the only way to fight back is to start talking about it, and coming together and being here for one another, listen to one another, comfort one another, we are living through some real drastic times let’s stand together and stand for Justice for all.

If you don’t have anyone to share your suffering with feel free to drop the load off on me I stand with you. for prayer request, a listening ear, and a brother in arms.

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Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

Physical mental and emotional torture. That’s what solitary confinement amounts to. Is this just my opinion from my own personal experience? No – this is scientifically proven. What I’m about to share is scientific testimony out of case law, which you can find on any legal website, under WILLIAMS VS. SECRETARY PENNSYLVANIA DEPT OF CORRECTIONS 848 F.3d 549 2017 U.S. App.LEXIS 2327.

“The Scientific Consensus”
The robust body of scientific research on the effects of solitary confinement, combined with the Supreme Court’s analysis in Wilkinson and ours in Shoats, further informs our inquiry into Plaintiffs’ claim that they had a liberty interest in avoiding the extreme conditions of solitary confinement on death row. This research contextualizes and confirms the holdings in Wilkinson and Shoats: It is now clear that the deprivations of protracted solitary confinement so exceeds the typical deprivations of imprisonment as to be the kind of”atypical, significant deprivation . . . which [can] create a liberty interest.

A comprehensive meta-analysis of the existing literature on solitary confinement within and beyond the criminal justice setting found that the empirical record compels an unmistakable conclusion: This experience is psychologically painful, can be traumatic and harmful, and puts many of those who have been subject to it at great risk of long term damage. Specifically, based on an examination of a representative sample of sensory deprivation studies, the researchers found that virtually everyone exposed to such conditions is affected in some way. They further explained that there is not a single study of solitary confinement wherein non-voluntary confinement that lasted for longer than 10 days failed to result in negative psychological effects. And as another researcher elaborated, All [individuals subjected to solitary confinement] will [. . .] experience a degree of stupor, difficulties with thinking and concentration, obsessional thinking, agitation, irritability and difficulty tolerating external stimuli. Anxiety and panic are common side effects. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, hallucinations, paranoia, claustrophobia, and suicidal ideations are also frequent results. Additional studies include in the aforementioned meta-analysis further “underscored the importance of social contact for the creation and maintenance of self.” In other words, in absence of interaction with others, an individual’s very identity is at risk of disintegration.

Yes, the studies and case law speak volumes about the psychological torture that we are undergoing. I suffer with all of those symptoms. And I’ve often wondered why, not realizing it’s this cage that is causing them. Where is the evolving standard of decency that this country continues to speak about in the Courts, Congress, and Senate? You’re driving men insane! And then murdering them under this false concept of ‘equal justice.’ When everyone knows that a rich man will never enter one of America’s death chambers. Equality is a pipedream, a facade that America puts on for the world. We’ve seen it far too many times, innocent men and women have slipped through the cracks of America’s judicial system, and suffered irreversible harm, in these cages of doom. That’s all this is, a cage of doom! Warehoused for death. There’s no sugarcoating this hellish experience! 
So when you wonder why I’m anxious, agitated, compulsive, depressed etc., etc. Well read the report again and again. And then imagine what I go through every single day. For not only do I struggle with this cage, but the fact that my co-defendant/childhood friend the triggerman, is on the street returned to his life, as I sit here, now second guessing myself on not accepting the plea bargain that was offered to me, which would have set me free in 2015. Yes .. should have, would have, could have! The fact still remains, that this cage, this treatment is inhumane and unbecoming of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! For this inhumane treatment is perpetrated in the name of God, justice, and the American way.
Just wanted to share and give you some insight into an experience that I pray you will never experience. God bless.
In peace and love, Ronnie


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