Adopt an Inmate on ‘Women Behind the Wall’ Podcast with Gloria Killian

I was thrilled to be Gloria Killian’s guest on her podcast “Women Behind the Wall,” Thursday, August 20th.

Gloria is the Executive Director of ACWIP (Action Committee for Women in Prison), and spent almost 18 years in a California prison before being exonerated. See her story on season one of CNN’s Death Row Stories (available on Netflix), or read it in her book “Full Circle: a True Story of Murder, Lies, and Vindication.”


Yvette Louisell – Parole Hearing


Yvette Louisell

Yvette Louisell is one of our adoptees. She was a 17-year old University of Iowa student when she was sentenced to life without parole. She turned 44 in the Iowa Correctional Institute for Woman (ICIW) last July 5th.

Because of the work of Brian Stevenson and his organization, the Equal Justice Initiative, juvenile life without parole sentences (JLWOP) were banned by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2012. This decision affected several of the women in ICIW, including Yvette. 

I believe that to say to any child that you’re only fit to die in prison is “cruel.” It’s true that some of these crimes are very disturbing, but it’s also true that the lives that many of these children have lived are also disturbing. They’re in many ways some of the most vulnerable kids in society, and we owe them more than to simply throw them away.
-Brian Stevenson