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  1. I like your blog. There are many good resources here. I’m going to add a link to you on my blog. I understand why the last line was written. There are people who have negative things to say but have no clue what they are talking about, but they want them to have the harshest sentence possible, as if they never did anything in the slightest that broke a law. My purpose in life is to do what I can to help correct that thinking and help make changes.

  2. I did get the book and read it to the end. It is so ironic. I am writing a book right now and the similarities are bizarre. They are both black men about one year apart in age. Both got 17 year sentences, and by the end of the book both were at the ten year mark. Both want to work with kids when they get out. One huge difference is that Jamie (of my blog) is at a maximum security prison in ad seg. He has had a much rougher time than Martin. He has suffered through everything wrong with our prison system. Jamie doesn’t have an adult arrest record and was never in prison, but his public defender had no intention of helping him. I am also the grandmother of his only son who was born after he went in. My daughter won’t take his son to see him and his family ignores him. I am Jamie’s only support, and through these years it became obvious his story needed to be written. Martin turned to Christianity, Jamie to Buddhism. I wish Martin the best of luck.

    On the technical side of the book – it is very poorly edited. Whoever did the copy editing doesn’t understand simple editing and sentence structure. It got better toward the end almost as though two different people edited the book. I did want to read his story and I would recommend anyone to read it.

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