Written by Ronald Clark, Jr.

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May 24, 2020

Another person’s death, murder by the state, brought someone peace? Wow. I’ve heard it before, so it shouldn’t surprise me, but every time I hear that it does.

It makes me step back and wonder how anyone can get satisfaction from the suffering and death of any living creature, much less your fellow man. But Friday morning, it was once again on the news. A woman saying that she found peace in watching Bobby be put down by the state. How does another person dying in front of you, fulfill your life and bring peace? And the woman wanted him to look her in the eyes as he’s dying?! Her words, not mine. I don’t think I could, or would ever want to do that. Look a helpless individual in their eyes and watch the fear, misery, and confusion as their life is being taken from them. Even in anger and total rage, if that person looked me in the eye, helpless, my goal would be to stop, and stop anyone from harming them. Not watch or participate in their misery and death.

So when I hear that, it boggles my mind, how ‘any civilized person’ can find peace, through the death of another. I understand anger and hurt, and when Connie was murdered on March 24, 1997, I was devastated! I know and understand the desire for vengeance. And it took a few years for it to pass. Connie’s murder still hurts me to this day. But the desire for vengeance faded long ago.

Seeing and being on both sides of the vengeful heart still doesn’t help me see how anyone can find peace through the cold and calculated murder of another individual. And for a helpless individual to look me in the eyes as their life is being extinguished. No I can’t in any way, shape, or form, comprehend why or how someone can get pleasure, relief or find peace through such an evil act. And those who do, need lots of prayer and psychological counseling. True peace can never be found in such an inhumane and brutal act.

God bless you
In peace, love and friendship, Ronnie

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