Poetry From Prison – by Kurtis Williams

Written by Inmate Contributor

November 19, 2022

To the nonunscrupulous inmate, with a question about your fate, & whether you’re alone?

While pacing in that cell, within that prison hell, without friends or family or home.

There is a rarity in life, born of heart not violence or knife, but by a leader or two,

A teacher or a guide, call her what you will with pride, Melissa Schmitt is there for you.

There are other volunteers, to stem & quell your fears, & lead others under her grace,

To your biographical plane, with picture, place & name, with a picture of your face.

Leading Mentors to an adoptee, for you & for me, supporters, financiers, with the likeminded,

Whether you’re disabled, or bravado enabled, or whether you see or blinded.

Blinded by time & walls, roaming the prison halls, but need a conduit or a place,

To think beyond the clouds, avoid the crushing crowds, to exercise your inner grace.

Not unlike any School, Miss Schmitt has a rule, That screening be done for protection,

This is about inmate adoption, not a love option, but a way to make a connection.

For educational book reviews, Mentors guiding by two’s, networking while your doing time,

Voids in your rhyme, voids in your mind, while doing art with your talent’s you find.

To the prospective visitor, the web site inquisitor, who may be interested to test,

The waters of what’s disloyal, lowly without any toil, to hurt or harm our best.

We are led by compassion, not status quo fashion, but extension to a heart inside,

Where they’ve paid their price, in more ways twice, where they don’t have to live & hide.

Help us help them, create from a loss a win, from their cells where they loom,

While we give them a place, a place filled with grace, adopt an inmate homeroom.

By Kurtis M.Williams N53299 11-18-2022 For Adopt an Inmate and Ms. Schmitt

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  1. Lifer

    I’ve noticed when both are bound by the same infraction, when issues are beyond injustice, the major goal for both becomes freedom from barless or mental imprisonment. I can’t wait to enjoy my life.

  2. MJ Michaels-Stickle

    My first contact. Wonderful. I am new at this. I hope my thoughts will be helpful.


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