Stories: A Cry for Help, Ricky Lee Hefner

Written by Rick Fisk

Father, Son, Brother, Musician, Software Developer, Founder, Executive Director, Wrongly Imprisoned, Paroled, Seeker of Redemption, Finder of Forgiveness. I found my faith in prison and my purpose. I want to help set the captives free, those on the inside and the outside.

September 16, 2021

We get letters sometimes which break our heart. This one came in through our contact page which we assume must have been posted by a friend. It has been edited for clarity. Besides a cry for help, this is a cautionary tale. Never let the police search your vehicle or your person, even if you have nothing to hide. Being innocent of any wrongdoing is not a defense that makes any difference if a cop plants evidence on you.

My name is Ricky Lee Hefner and here’s my story and I hope someone can help me. I have sent a complaint to the chief of Sylva police. I don’t know why this cop dislikes me as he does, but for nearly 3 years he constantly was stopping me or my mother if he knew I was in her vehicle. He has conducted many searches of our vehicles only to disappointment because he never found anything to arrest me for, and his words to me were, “I’ll get you one day for something and put you away for a long time.”

So here’s my story…… on June 12, 2018 I walked to Walmart, went to go inside and there was officer Heath Jones of the Sylva Police Department. He spoke, I spoke, went on in and used the restroom and then saw someone I knew so i asked if he could give me a ride to McDonald’s, he said yes. Walking out, officer Jones said “See you soon Hefner.” I said, “Not anytime soon you won’t.”

Officer Jones had been after me for some reason and had already told me once before that he was gonna get me for something that would put me away for a long time. And not only that but he’d pull my mother if he knew i was with her and do a complete search of her vehicle. Anyway after getting in the car in the back seat, it wasn’t long and officer Osborne-Evans and of course Officer Jones were on top of us. Evans searched my backpack, Jones searched my backpack. Yes they found evidence of where I had smoked meth. I will admit to anything that I do, they got us all out of the car and the other two guys didn’t get searched or hardly patted down.

They ran me through the ringer then Jones said “Hefner ain’t you an electrician?” I said, “Yes.” Jones wanted to know if there was any black electrical tape in my backpack. I told him you searched it. Next thing I know I’m being put in handcuffs and Jones asks us all, “Was the egg shaped container wrapped tightly in black electrical tape any one of ours?” We all said “No it wasn’t.” Jones says that he’s gonna arrest me because I looked nervous. I was eventually that night charged with possession of heroin.

I don’t and never have messed with that crap and never will. The other two guys, neither one of them, had a driver’s license because it was talked about while they were searching the car.

I was arrested and he let the other two known heroin users go. I wanted a jury trial. I asked attorney after attorney to get the body cams footage, none never could, until February of this year 2021. Upon watching Osborne-Evans about an hour into hers it plainly shows her and Jones talking about the planted evidence and her telling Jones that he blew it.

Now I’ve tried a couple times to file a complaint against Officer Jones and somehow it seemed I gave up until February of 2021 and obtaining the body cam footage Jones was corrupt. Imagine that, but I still have in my immediate possession the discs of the body cam footage….this case has been dismissed in my favor.

I have another situation involving this same Sylva NC police officer Heath Jones. He said I stole a TV from Walmart but I did not. It went to trial bc i requested a jury trial.

I represented myself with Ted Besen as standby council, 4 days of trial, then the jury found me guilty. How I may never know because the Walmart video plainly shows me at the door showing the door greeter a receipt and she allows me to exit the store. I honestly have no idea why officer Jones was after me so bad I’d surely love to know. I received a sentence of 10 yrs in NC prison system. On both occasions my due process, my civil and constitutional rights were violated and stomped on.

I just received this harsh sentence on May 28, 2021. I have an appeal in which i pray to our Lord in Heaven that the court on appeal finds me innocent or whatever they do to overturn this terrible sentence,

I know everybody hears, “I’m innocent,“ alot. Well, I’m here to tell you, that I, Ricky Hefner, swear that I AM TELLING THE TRUTH, I AM INNOCENT OF THIS AND I NEED HELP TO STOP THIS SYLVA NC CITY POLICE OFFICER!!

I have no pending charges. Everything, including the charge of heroin was dismissed and I am ready to sue bc my constitutional and civil rights have been violated. Can you please help me? I’m in Maury Correctional Institution in Hookerton, NC right now my # is 0985586.

I have an appeal going. My appeal lawyer is Sharon Leigh Smith out of Raleigh NC I’m hoping to find a civil rights lawyer that will at least look at my case come talk with me as several attorneys I’ve had on this 3 year old case have told me I definitely have a huge case with possible huge awards so please help me please!!

Please help me!!

Ricky Hefner #0985586
TF 37 Maury Correctional Institution
PO Box 506 Maury, NC, 28554

I need a civil rights lawyer!!!

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    Please someone take an interest in helping my son Ricky Hefner!



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