The Seventh Day

Written by Inmate Contributor

May 12, 2022

Religion, it’s a complicated subject among a population of many different walks of life and religious beliefs. Wars are fought and people die in the name of Gods and causes. Even today things are the same, take what’s happening in Jerusalem right now with the Israelites. Quarrels are still seriously prevalent among the culture. So this is serious business we are talking about, just to point out the obvious. According to many beliefs the seventh day is for rest, meaning no work or celebration, leisure time only to heal and recuperate. To prepare for the work week to come. To some the seventh day is Saturday, to others its Sunday. To me, only one day can be my seventh day so which will I choose?

Why can’t my seventh day be Monday? Wasn’t I blessed with the freedom of choice by God or was that just something man came up with on his own? Must I conform to what everyone else does and is? I thought I was an individual, and if that’s the case in that I divide myself from what others expect me to be and do. This doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or I don’t believe in God. In fact this character trait is one that God has blessed me with to exercise as I see fit and as long as I show love to my fellow human beings then I am a righteous person. It is in this that I find my strength. Furthermore, who is God?

Who is my God? My God made me who I am today. He made me walk a hard road to strengthen me and ready me for what he has planned for me to do. Looking back He’s shown me signs, symbols of his expectations. He’s sent me blessings when I did good and humbled me when I was arrogant. He’s given me the strength to pick up the pieces when it all fell apart and the knowledge to recognize my mistakes in order to change my behavior. He shows me love by sending fellow humans to love me, His love is through them. He put me in school so I could find myself and who I am. This is the most powerful sign I’ve seen to this day. So this is where I am at in life, walking the exact path He had for me in his sights. My momma always told me “God never gives us more than we can handle.” Now I see that it’s true because out of all the times I thought it was all over I still made it through. At this point I feel I’m only scratching the surface of my purpose in this thing we humans call life. I’ll make today my seventh day to recoup and reflect on what my purpose is for this week that follows.

Christian Ortega in AZ

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