Adopt an Inmate Needs Your Help

Written by Melissa Bee

October 11, 2016

There’s good news and bad news …

Many of you are aware of our website re-design which is underway. We were lucky enough to find a talented design team that is both excited about the project, and supportive of our cause – so much so that they have adopted an inmate.

On the verge of the relaunch, our funding fell through. Our designers have honored their end of the contract, and we need your help to get them paid.

Upon learning of our predicament, some of the inmates have rallied and are sending personal donations and organizing fundraisers on the inside to help us get our vendor paid for their outstanding work, so we can move ahead with the project, and avoid late fees.

The Inside Campaign

Our friend, we’ll call him Joseph, is a Tier Representative in Washington’s Monroe Correctional Center who believes in the mission and spirit of our organization. He and his fellow inmates have chosen Adopt an Inmate as the recipient of their in-house fundraisers for the next three months. Their campaign will kick off today, with a speech and a challenge delivered by Joseph to donate a portion of their own monthly pay (an average of $35 per month) over the next three months. Joseph is starting off their campaign with a personal donation of $200.00!


We have a short time to raise $3,000. Please help by matching the goodwill and efforts of the Washington inmates. Completion of the website project will ensure that more volunteers are reached, and ultimately more forgotten people will have support from the outside.

Can you donate more than a guy who makes $35 a month at his prison job?

Donate Button with Credit Cards

AI is a registered domestic non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible. Please share with anyone interested in criminal justice reform.

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