AI Quarterly E-Newsletter: Spring 2016

Written by Melissa Bee

April 2, 2016

AI Newsletter Spring 2016

Page one is shown below, click the link above for the PDF file with clickable links.

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Jpay to Securus Conversion

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  1. SonniQ

    I did an internet radio show about the prison system, racism, the life of Jamie Cummings in prison, suffering from epilepsy, and the book I am writing about him. “Inside The Forbidden Outside” I need a push from websites that understand the importance of this issue. I wanted to give you a link to read, share or hopefully reblog. As a new author it takes a lot to get it out there and I am starting before it is published. At the interview, if you start it one hour and 20 mins in it will be a couple minutes before he starts my interview. I hate to advertise myself on other blogs but was hoping this exception would be okay.

  2. SonniQ

    Great newsletter. I have just been thinking about doing one, but not as extensive as this, to keep people informed about the book and chapters they might read, general info on Jamie and other inmates I write to. (7 total) Would it be okay to ask you where you got your template?

    • mbee

      Thank you, SonniQ. That’s a great idea to do one for your book. I wish I could be more helpful but I can’t remember where I got the template – I think I found one and altered it to suit my own ideas.

      • SonniQ

        Anyway, it’s a nice looking newsletter. A lot of time has been put into it.


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