AI Spring 2017 Quarterly E-Newsletter

Written by Melissa Bee

April 17, 2017

So much news this quarter! After some technical snags we are back on schedule with the newsletter. You won’t want to miss this expanded issue, with a recent podcast from Ashley Asti in conversation with Melissa, news and pictures from our recent volunteer work weekend in California, a surprise screening of a trailer in which acting students read some of our letters as monologues, and notes from the director Sarah Underwood Saviano about the project (link to the trailer is in the newsletter).

This publication was created for you – family members, friends, and advocates of prisoners. In each issue you will find useful resources for and from inmates; artwork, stories, recommendations from both adopters and adoptees; and news from the staff. Don’t forget to print and send a copy to your inmate loved one. We welcome your feedback and comments.

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  1. nunzio A bagliere

    any one can be accuse of a crime including the police and courts – there are two sides of the accusation – i believe in the innocent and the burden of proof


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