Be Courageous

Written by Melissa Bee

September 22, 2015

This is from Randy in Texas, who is looking for a Christian family to adopt him. 

RFloyd lion front

RFloyd Be Courageous

A description of myself is thus: I am 31 years old, 6’2″, 200 lbs., dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, with several tattoos. I regret every tattoo that I ever got. I’ve nothing against tattoos, God has just changed my way of thinking.  I would really love to have a family to talk to and a family that cared. Just the thought of having an adopted family gives me a sense of hope that brightens my future. I am not one to take advantage of people’s kindness. I pray that a family would be willing to adopt this lost sheep. I never thought I’d ever have a family again. I’ve tried and tried to get my family to be a family to me. I pray that this is God’s answer to my prayers. 

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  1. Pearl

    Hi Randy,

    If you are still looking for someone to pray for you and can be contacted through email, my family would love to do that. We can’t meet as we live in Bombay, India but we can write if you don’t mind the long wait between letters.

    God bless you,


  2. Pearl

    Hi Randy, How u doin’? We have been all (my husband Emmanuel, my daughter Anthea and me ) have been praying for you everyday. Sending all our love to you. God bless you always. Pearl


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