Calling All Angels

Written by Melissa Bee

July 6, 2015

We have a very small staff of volunteers, and as Adopt an Inmate builds momentum, we will need lots of support from YOU.


Opportunities for outside volunteers:

  1. Adopters: If you are interested in adopting, please contact us at Follow our blog (button on sidebar), to see stories from indigent inmates who want to be adopted.
  2. Data gathering: As a family we found it unnecessarily difficult to get answers, and it is our goal to relieve that burden from adopters, so they can get right to the business of adopting.  If you have knowledge of a system/facility, or are willing to do some research in your state, we need at least one volunteer on the inside (an inmate or detainee) and one on the outside, for each state, to provide information about that state’s prison system and facilities such as: phone system, mail and book rules, visiting rules, hospitality houses, probation packages, etc.
  3. Rides to facilities for visiting family members and adopters: When family members travel to visit incarcerated loved ones, facilities are often located a far distance from airports, bus stations, and hotels. Let’s make it easier for them to visit.


Opportunities for inside volunteers (inmates):

  1. Adoptees: If you have a loved one on the inside that you are already supporting, you can invite him or her to submit names of indigent and/or forgotten inmates who need to know that someone cares for them.
  2. Stories, artwork, poetry, lyrics: We welcome submissions from inmates – anything they are willing to share about themselves, about life behind bars, about inmates supporting each other – anything they’d like the world to hear. 

Let this be a place they can be heard.


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