Leah’s List: Do All Things With Love

Written by Leah Patterson

April 10, 2016

LL1-2.jpg.pngYou are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Literally, the world would not spin in exactly the same way without your presence on it. That is how important you are!  ~Eckhart Tolle

I would love to tell you the story of how I came up with this idea, but there isn’t space, especially with my tendency to ramble on (don’t tell me you didn’t notice that in my Newsletter article!). It was always meant to be kept a secret anyway, so I’ll forgo the explanation.

Suffice it to say, I was inspired.

After a few conversations with Missy about how many and fast the letters were rolling in, I mentioned to her that I’d be thrilled to send cards with inspirational messages to those who were in need of contact. We made an agreement that she would get me a list of names periodically.

She sent me the first list on January 20. I handwrote a note and included the above quote as an enclosure. Let me digress here – I LOVE quotes, I have them pasted on my computer monitor, bathroom mirror, at my office and all throughout the house. The Eckhart Tolle quote is special to me, it has brought me a great deal of solace in rough times and I love to share it as much as possible.

While I’m writing the notes addressing the envelopes and placing the stamps, I have “Do all things with love” propped up in front of me and I’m praying and pouring love into each and every act. I like to believe that so much love goes into these cards that the receiver can’t help but feel it pouring out when they open it and read it.

What a joy this has been. To know that I’m brightening someone’s possibly dark day, to be an encourager, a healer, to show caring and kindness. Is there really any greater thing on this earth than to lift others? I personally think not!

When Missy shared a response she received to one of these cards. It made my heart sing!

I received the second list of names on February 29. I did the same as the above but included the two additional inspirational quotes above.

I love to imagine a world where we are all told every day that we are loving, amazing, beautiful, strong and capable; what would be the point of imagining it if I didn’t practice it?

I challenge each and every one of you to Do All Things With Love and to do your very best to lift somebody’s spirits Every Single Day. I believe by doing this we are, literally, changing the world. Join me, won’t you?! Find a beautiful quote and send it to someone you love today.

I also welcome any amazing quotes you have that you feel fit the intent here; email them to me, I may use them in my notes and you may see them in a future blog post!

Love & Peace,



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