Letters From Prison: A Hard Life

Written by Inmate Contributor

October 11, 2015

CKirby 10-3-2015

I am 33 years old. I have no family but a brother who is also in prison. I have really had a hard life. I was kidnapped from my grandma by my mom, physically and sexually abused, forced to live and stay in closets, from hotel to hotel, for four months. I was tied down to a car seat with an extension cord and left on a doorstep of a group home, all at the age of four years old. I was in many different placements as a child.

At the age of 18 I was kicked out of state custody with no after-care, and was found to be SMI (seriously mentally ill). At 18 1/2 years old, I was sent to prison for $500 of forgery and given four and a half years, plus two years in county jail. I did not get out of prison until age 25. I had no family, and no place to go. Seven months later I was attacked by a man and defended myself, and ended up going to prison for four more years. I got out at 29 years old, was found to be mentally disabled and put on disability. At the age of 32, I was stopped by the Gang Unit because I have a lot of tattoos. I was walking down Broadway Road and they wanted me to strip down to my boxers on the main road to take pictures of my tattoos. I said no. They got mad – four of them jumped me, and then took me to jail. I mentally broke down, slipped out of my handcuffs and hit one of the four officers two times with my hand, and for that I got 28 years flat. I don’t have anyone.

I am a good person. I do my best to help people that are doing time but still have a chance to make something of their life. I would like to have someone on my side to talk to and share my life stories and views, ideals, and poetry with.

AZ DOC has a hands-on policy here at SMU-1. I have a chronic heart condition and have been getting dizzy and passing out. I told medical that they need to put in a medical order to have me moved downstairs, since I’m passing out, but they did not do it. Because they did not do it, plus the officer did not do his job by policy and have hands on when I was pulled out of my cell, I got dizzy and blacked out and fell down the metal stairs and I got hurt very badly. This just happened and I have no one on the outside to help me. I’m grateful for any help or info you may send. Thank you for all that you do.

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  1. plastiktrance2015

    Please send me this person’s address. He really needs a friend.
    Thank you,

    • mbee

      On it’s way, Erika, bless you.

  2. Teka Williams

    I am interested in adopting a person behind the wall. I dislike labels with a passion..Thanks in advance!!

    • mbee

      Wonderful, Teka, check your email.


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