Letters From Prison: Love Cures People

Written by Melissa Schmitt

October 10, 2015

CStone Letter 9-24-15

Written by a recently-adopted prisoner in Texas

  • Love cures people – both the ones who receive it, and the ones who give it – Karl Menninger
  • If I know what love is, it’s because of you – Herman Hesse

I came into this place (prison) broken, bruised, feeling alone, with no sense of belonging. I’ve had people hate on me, make fun of me … but I dust myself off and keep going. You have a feeling of loneliness, of being forgotten. Many nights of crying yourself to sleep. Then, when you least expect it, that angel comes into your life. And shows you love, and compassion. They give you a sense of hope, a sense of belonging. They show you what family means, even if it’s not family by blood. And family is what I have found with Adopt an Inmate. Thanks for everything that you do for each and every one of us. Thanks for showing we are loved, cared for, and that we are not forgotten. 

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  1. LTRenaud

    Well, you can hardly wish for a more meaningful thanks than that. Congratulations for making such a difference for so many.


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