No Mail – by Andre Washington

Written by Melissa Bee

July 20, 2015

[Chorus] Lost in a battle that I can’t win
I don’t know when I’ll see my family again
No mail, oh well
I’ll just sit in my cell
And think about how close
I am to going to Hell

They’ll lock a youngster in a cell
Cuz he want more
Than what he got
But a child-molester
Let him go and let him live life
If you come from the hood
You know the law is like a knife
It’s either a suicide attempt
Or homicide where I reside
But we love our cities
Homies rip yo block or hood with pride
Everybody got a dream
But everybody don’t pursue
I can give you the game
But I ain’t no guru
I got to strive to succeed
Eat with no greed
The ambitions of a hustler
Get my family what they need
From the bottom to the sky
The projects to a condo
My bloodline strong
I’m a gorilla from the congo
Too much money
Will feed a rich man’s greed
Give it to a poor man
He’ll get the streets what they need
My ancestors struggled
Hung, bled and died
And their children are ungrateful
In the streets we hide

[Repeat chorus]

Andre Washington, TDCJ, Age 24

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