We’re Baaaack!

Written by Melissa Bee

February 19, 2016

Our blog has been in a quiet period for some time, while we focused on other tasks, but we’re back, and you can expect a regular stream of interesting, poignant and informative posts.

We’ll be sharing news about exciting projects and events that are in the planning stages and we couldn’t be more positive and excited about what is in store this year.

Thank you to all of our adopters for stepping up to provide support for inmates who desperately need it, to the volunteers who have so graciously been assisting behind the scenes with the business side of things, and to all the angels who donate stamps – we *always* need stamps!

Also a big thank you to all our followers for staying with us, for sharing our links and social media accounts, and for getting involved in the conversation.

We are so grateful.

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    • mbee

      Thanks Erika, we appreciate you, too!


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