Good morning, 2021

good morning 2021 poem

Written by Jacob (Justin) Gamet

Born and raised in Yakima, Washington. And here I reside today, a prisoner at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, Washington. I’m currently working on two self-help books: “Lovehappy” (a relationship handbook based on religious principles) and “The Scrabble Dojo: Defensive Strategies for Beating Any Opponent.” After drafting and submitting a 52-page appellate brief (on 3/4/18) on my own behalf because my prior three appellate attorneys were ineffective in overlooking a case law I could have won on in 2006, I hope to be released sometime this year. God willing. Jacob J. Gamet #883302 Monroe Correctional Complex - WSR PO Box 777 Monroe, WA 98272

January 4, 2021

Good morning, 2021
Behold, a world reeling
Hearts left in utter ruin
In dire need of healing

An Eve spent in cheer
Masking the dismay
COVID lions roamed about
Dragging loved ones away

Good morning, 2021
I pray we arise anew
As 2020 sets, you rise
With hopes pinned 2U

May blessings be swift
And laughter replace tears
May homes be refreshed
In the dawn of New Year

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