Inmate Art

Written by Melissa Schmitt

September 8, 2015

welcome d.gonzalez001

Artwork by Donicio Gonzalez, Huntsville, TX

 From Donicio’s letter to us:

You’re right, there are a lot of GOOD people in here with sad stories. I want to say thank you for taking the time to help me out. I would pass along your website to the outside, but have no contacts out there. I have drawn a welcome picture for the page. Thank you for the invite to do so. I had a good time doing it. I am also enclosing a letter from a friend of mine that is here with me. My readiing and writing isn’t as good as i’d like for it to be, so he helps me with my mail and takes time to be patient. he read your response letter and asked if i would mind if he sent a letter too, as we only get five indigent letters a month and he spends his between his mother and his daughter. 

Again, thank you for writing me back and trying to help me out.

Donicio is looking for penpals. You can write to him here:

Donicio Gonzales #2007016
21 FM 247
Huntsville, TX 77320

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