Inside Angels Spotlight – Jason

Written by Melissa Schmitt

July 27, 2015

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Jason in Texas writes often, has a big heart, and has connected us with others on the inside who need adopting. Jason is one of the fortunate ones in that he has access to his own funds for commissary, and wants to reimburse us for the cost of sending him e-mail and books. (Jpay charges 49¢ per page for an e-mail.)

TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), where Jason is, offers a service called “e-comm,” that allows friends and family from the outside to purchase commissary-like items that do not count against the inmates’ spend limit for commissary ($85 every two weeks). There is also a spend limit for e-comm, which is $50 per calendar quarter, per inmate. Because e-comm is through a different provider than commissary, they carry different items, so inmates can have a little variety.

We are sending Jason some books that he can read and pass on to others. See our sidebar for a long list of prison book programs.

Please comment or send us an email if you know other angels on the inside that we can spotlight.

We love you Jason!

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