Letters From Ron in Texas

Written by Melissa Schmitt

July 23, 2015

Most of the adoptee names we receive come from inmates. Ron, an inmate in TDCJ, is one of our own adoptees who we first told about the idea for our organization.

left behind

“Adopt An Inmate,” that sounds cool. Thank God that my mom is putting money on my books for me, but there are a lot of good guys in here that have been left behind by their families that would love to be adopted.

A few weeks later, this was Ron’s reply, after receiving a modest deposit to his commissary account:


I have you two, my mom, and God. All I need. God is providing for me just fine. It still blows my mind all He is doing for me. I mean look at you and Missy. Never met me and we are writing and you are sending me things and … please, Barbara, my mom puts money on my books every month. You don’t have to do that. When I read that I just sat there. My cell mate wanted to know what was wrong. I am going to use some of that to buy for others. Barb, you and Missy are my angels.

Inmates look out for each other; we have seen this time and time again. They know firsthand the needs of people in their units, and employ much thought and care when submitting names for adoption.

Ron has submitted the names of a few of his good friends who would like to be adopted – watch the blog to read about them.

Be an angel, adopt an inmate.

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