Letters From Prison: The Timber Hawkeye Edition

Written by Melissa Bee

March 5, 2016

buddhist boot camp cover

Our friend Timber Hawkeye authored Buddhist Boot Camp, which is popular both in the free world and behind the walls, where 2+ million people are locked up. He has sent over 6,000 copies to prisons across the globe, and has recently launched his second book, Faithfully Religionless, for which he is now touring

You can’t stop the storm … so stop trying. You can only calm yourself. The storm will pass. – Timber Hawkeye

I invited Timber to contribute something to our blog (and by invited I mean begged), and despite his current schedule and obligations, he graciously shared the following letter from an inmate. As we have noted before, and will continue to, inmates are some of the most grateful people you will ever meet.

letter to timber hawkeye


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