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  1. Brian Mathhisson

    I have been a friend to several inmates in the Florida Department of Corrections, and I have noticed that some of the residents have no one to help them so I took that burden upon myself. I think that some of the people who visit your site should take a more proactive stance for these people. I try not to look at the crimes of these individuals, just their circumstances. Here is a list of some that are on my “Wish to Help List” if anyone wishes to step up to the plate and ADOPT one or more of these people I am quite sure they will be more than thankful, as will I.

    (Use our contact form to request their info): Debra, Brenda, and Rebecca – these women are at Lowell C.I. in Florida, and need help.

    Also these gentlemen: Leon, Thant, Israel – these three are at Dade C.I. in Florida, and are all working to educate themselves.

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